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Painting In Tight Spaces

While working in tight spaces, painters often find paint covering their skin or in the hair. It seems that grazing your hair against a freshly painted wall is inevitable. But it just seems to come with the territory. The real challenge is painting behind a toilet with the same precision that you give more prominent areas of the room. This attention to detail is something we pride ourselves on at Joshua's Pristine Painting Co.

Our owner, Joshua Woodall painted this bathroom in Louisville, Colorado. He painted all of the trim, let it dry, and then went back to paint the walls and ceiling. It was a very detailed job and he worked late into the night to finish it in one day.

The house was being prepped for sale as are many of the houses we work on. Sometimes working with strong deadlines can be stressful, but a little upbeat music goes a long way. That and a solution-minded positive attitude.

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