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This House Took A Year And A Half To Paint

In February of 2016, a gentleman approached us about getting a free estimate on some exterior painting for his home in Louisville, CO. He gave us his deposit after we won the bid. After that, we called and tried to schedule a start date. The owner was in no hurry. For a while, he didn't return our calls even though he had already given us his money. We wondered if we would ever hear from him again. Finally, after a year, he called. He scheduled the job for June 2017.

The situation is a bit humorous really. Here we are, almost a year and a half later... finishing up the longest job we've ever done. In reality, the house only took four days to paint. Choosing from colors approved by the HOA in his neighborhood, the owner went with three shades of army green and a deep blue for the shutters. The colors compliment the stone nicely and give this house a peaceful look.


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